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Club Lifestyles KC


Club Lifestyles (CLKC) is Kansas City's original and longest running lifestyle club.


CLKC offers a relaxed, safe and discreet lifestyle location for all levels of participation in the lifestyle.  Everyone is encouraged to move at their own pace and enjoy the many different themed events that take place every Saturday night and occasional Friday's. 


It is NEVER required to dress to any of the theme nights, if your new and nervous, bring  a second outfit to change into if you feel comfortable, there are never any expectations for anyone to do anything they aren't comfortable doing.  Also remember this is a club atmosphere, if your hoping to meet new people, you do have to get up out of your chairs and make an effort.

If you'd like to attend an event, please go to the MEMBERS page and RSVP for the night you'd like to attend.   Please note, at this time we are NOT accepting new single males at CLKC events.

Kansas City, MO 64130

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